HCIA has partnered with TerraCycle to help spread the word about their fun recycling programs that schools can participate in! Please follow instructions on TerraCycle’s website to learn more and sign up! https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/pages/schools

Environmental Education Programs

The Hudson County Improvement Authority’s Environmental Programs Division offers a number of programs providing environmental education to students from Pre-K through 12th Grade. These 30-45 minute audience participation programs are available to students in public, private, charter, and parochial schools throughout Hudson County. For over 25 years, the Hudson County Improvement Authority has been educating the community on a variety of environmental issues- help us to keep this tradition alive for the future generations of Hudson Count residents.


Clean Streets = Clean Waters

Litterbugs damage every community. Whether they know it or not, these litterbugs are directly responsible for polluting our waterways. Litter is washed into untreated storm drains leading directly into our natural waterways. Clean Streets = Clean Waters teaches students about the damaging effects that litter can have on wildlife and our shared habitats, while also educating them on ways to prevent this type of pollution.


Composting with Wiggle E. Worm

Meet Wiggle E. Worm and his family who help to compost organic waste into fresh soil. This hands-on experience allows students to handle and observe redworms in our compost bin. Students will learn about how worms digest organics and supplement the earth to allow trees, vegetables and plants to grow.


Electronic Waste and the Rise of E-Cycling

Electronic Waste (e-waste) is increasing at a rate of 3 to 4 times faster than any other form of solid waste in the country. As useful as computers, televisions and other electronic products are when working, proper disposal of these products is essential to the health of the environment. This program helps to raise awareness of the effects that e-waste has on the environment while encouraging proper recycling methods.


Environmental Shopping

The way that we shop has a major impact on our environment. This program teaches the importance of buying products that are both made from recycled materials as well as recyclable. Product packaging accounts for a tremendous amount of waste! This program teaches some waste reduction techniques to help ease the flow of packing into our landfills. With a display of common products used daily, this program will demonstrate how changing one’s shopping habits can have an immediate and beneficial impact on the environment!


From the Curb to the Landfill: What happens to our garbage?

Have you ever thought about where your garbage goes after it is picked up from the curb? This program will show you how and where it is disposed of while teaching waste management, recycling, source reduction, landfilling, hauling, incineration, hazardous waste management as well as the conservation of natural resources.


Landfills and the Environment

Landfills are the oldest and most common way to house our nation’s trash. How are they built? How do they operate? How do they affect our habitat? Find out all of this and more including how modern landfills compare to earlier ones as well as what is being done to curb the effects on our environment.


Reduce & Reuse: Be smart when you pack your lunch!

Lunchtime is the perfect time to teach kids about the benefits of recycling! This program teaches students how to reduce, reuse and recycle all of the materials that they pack into their lunchboxes every day as well as techniques to reduce waste!


Presentation Requests

Complete a School Presentation Request Form and either Fax it to Recycling at (201) 324-6206 or e-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. HCIA staff will be in contact with you to coordinate your presentation. For more information, please contact Jessie Perez at (201) 624-3222, ext. 3225.

Additional Information & Services

Environmental Resource Center

Located at HCIA Headquarters, the HCIA Environmental Resource Center contains a treasure trove of educational materials on topics including the environment, recycling and sustainability. Available materials include books, pamphlets, videos, catalogs, magazines as well as slide shows. All materials are loaned free of charge and come with any assistance that is needed in setting up a program for classes.


Annual Crayon Recycling Contest

The HCIA sponsors an Annual Crayon Recycling Contest for Hudson County schools. This contest is a great way to introduce children to the importance of recycling and teach them that we all have to do our part to protect the Earth. Crayons are collected from each participating school and then shipped to Crazy Crayons where they are recycled into new “Crazy Crayons.” These “Crazy Crayons” come in a variety of colors and shapes and are also recyclable! For every pound of crayons recycled by a participating school, one “Crazy Crayon” will be returned for use during the school year. Winners are awarded on a percentage basis: the number of pounds of crayons collected by each school divided by the total school enrollment.

Since 2003, the students of Hudson County have recycled more than 16 tons of crayons! This effort has made Hudson County the National Grand Champions in Crayons Recycling for 16 years and counting!

Earth Day Art Contest

The HCIA hosts an Annual Earth Day Art Contest for students throughout Hudson County. This annual contest asks students to create a poster that reflects the environmental theme of the HCIA's Annual Earth Day Celebration. All entries are entered into a countywide contest with the winning artwork selected and showcased in the HCIA’s Annual Calendar. Winners will receive a prize and their artwork will be showcased during the Awards Ceremony at the HCIA’s Earth Day Fair at Liberty State Park held every April. Winning artwork is selected from the following grade levels: Kindergarten-2nd Grade; Grades 3-5; and Grades 6-8. Check the HCIA.org website and HCIA’s social media pages for additional details including this year’s theme!


Celebrate Earth Day!

The HCIA will host the 2017 Earth Day Celebration at Liberty State Park on Saturday, April 22nd. This annual festival features a “Kids’ Earth Day Kingdom,” which creates an atmosphere for parents and children alike to have fun while learning about our environment including the people and wildlife that call Hudson County- Home as well as the many organizations that serve our community. The Annual Earth Day Celebration also includes environment-themed displays, stage and strolling entertainment, interactive fun such as inflatable rides, arts & crafts activities and an “Eco-Olympics” area. Earth Day begins with a 5K Run along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway Starting at 10:00 a.m. We hope to see you there!


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