By recycling you reduce the amount of waste introduced in the environment. When you recycle, you do your part in reducing the amount of natural resources being consumed. Therefore, it makes sense that when less resources are used, less waste is created and accumulated and we extend the vitality of our planet's natural resources. Here in Hudson County, recycling has become a way of life and an important and responsible method of waste management. Below you'll find valuable information on recycling beneficial to your family and the environment. For more information please call the HCIA's Environmental Hotline at 201-324-6222 ext. 3257.


Myths and Facts About Recycling: 

We can recycle only 25% to 30% of our solid waste. 


Fact: Twenty-five percent was considered a maximum level in 1985. Today it should be considered a minimum, not a maximum.

Myth: Recycling is more expensive than trash collection and disposal. 

Fact: When designed right, recycling programs are cost-competitive with trash collection and disposal.

Myth: Landfills and incinerators are more cost-effective and environmentally sound than recycling options. 

Fact: Recycling programs, when designed properly, are cost-competitive with landfills and incinerators, and provide net-pollution-prevention benefits. Recycling materials not only avoids the pollution that would be generated through landfilling and incinerating, but also reduces the environmental burden of virgin materials, extraction and manufacturing processes.

Myth: Landfills are significant job generators for rural communities. 

Fact: Recycling creates many more jobs for rural and urban communities than landfill and incineration disposal options.


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